HearPlugz-DF Dual Filter Earplugs - Black, Small
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HearPlugz-DF Dual Filter Earplugs - Black, Small


HearDefenders-DF™ natural sound variable noise reduction ear plugs offer a unique set of features including a durable silicone structure, two acoustic filters in each ear plug, one of which is removable giving you two levels of attenuation, a form factor that lets you remove the outer filter and fit them onto a standard two-way radio headset earpiece, a removable neck cord and a pocket carry case.

Dual Acoustic Filters

HearDefenders-DF™ ear plugs with both acoustic filters in place, give you an NRR 22 which is ideal for motorcycle highway cruising, wear at really loud clubs and concerts, shooting with small caliber weapons, airplane travel and use in OSHA regulated industrial environments up to about 107 dB.

Single Primary Acoustic Filter Lowers Attenuation When You Need To Hear Better

Remove the outer, secondary filter, and HearDefenders-DF™ become an NRR 12 ear plug that is perfect for many applications in which you need to hear, but with just a little lower volume. HearDefenders-DF™ with the primary acoustic filter are ideal for clubs and concerts, for motorcycling in the city, for professional musicians, for those with hyper-acusis and other conditions causing excessive hearing sensitivity, as well as industrial settings up to about 97 dB.

Variable Noise Reduction Depending on the Volume

HearDefenders-DF™ provide a new kind of attenuation profile. As the noise gets louder, the attenuation increases, providing greater attenuation up to the full rated NRR of the earplugs only when needed, and therefore allowing you to hear music and converse easily, but still have the noise protection you need when you need it, all without removing the ear plugs.

Enhances Two-Way Radio Headsets

HearDefenders-DF™ offer an excellent way to upgrade the ear tips on your two-way radio headset. Just remove the outer acoustic filter and replace the hard plastic tips that came with your headset, with your HearDefenders-DF™. The primary acoustic filter then helps to protect your hearing from gunfire and radio volume spikes, without interfering with your ability to hear comm traffic. Most users find HearDefenders-DF™ a great deal more comfortable than the hard tips that came with their headsets as a bonus.

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