Our Story

Audiology Supplies was established in 2015 by Jonathan Javid, Au.D. Jonathan graduated with a clinical doctorate in Audiology from Northern Illinois University in 2012 and has since worked for the VA Hospitals in Seattle, Las Vegas, and is currently employed at the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.
Jonathan wanted to order his audiology clinical supplies without having to have an established business to business account with one of the wholesale distributors. He just wanted to check out using a credit card.. He felt there needed to be a place online where all ENTs, audiologists and hearing aid specialists could easily find the supplies and equipment that they were looking for and buy online with a credit card. And thus, Audiology Supplies was born.
In 2016 Audiologysupplies.com was purchased by Oaktree Products, Inc., the leading wholesale supplier to the hearing care industry. Since Oaktree is a business to business company with negotiated pricing , they saw this as an opportunity to service those customer who prefer to purchase without an established account.  Since it is usually negotiated, pricing with Oaktree is usually better than what can be found on Audiologysupplies.com however, the convenience of being able to order without a log in can be attractive to some customers.  For more information about a corporate account with Oaktree Products, please call 800-347-1960 or email OTP@oaktreeproducts.com.