Comply Canal Tip Expanded Fitting System (30 tips / 10 adapters)
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Comply Canal Tip Expanded Fitting System (30 tips / 10 adapters)

Product Code: 10003

All Comply Canal Tips will be transitioning from PEACH to Black color. We cannot guarantee which color you will be receiving, but will do our best to inform you in advance when the color has changed to BLACK.

  • Expanded version -- includes 10 short canal tips (2 of each of the 5 sizes) 
  • This system is one of the most popular & convenient ways to use Comply
  • These options help you control both feedback and occlusion during demonstration or when used as a loaner earmold
  • Tips are laid out in a clear, easy to use plastic box
  • Disposable
  • Patients can rely on a clean demonstration without the distraction of an ill-fitting earmold
  • Comply tips are endorsed by seven leading manufacturers of programmable hearing instruments
USD $150.00 /EA
MSRP : USD $150.00 /EA
    • EA
  • Quantity Available: 5
  • 30 tips in short, slim & standard sizes, 2 of each venting option: 10 standard, 10 slim, & 10 short   
  • 10 screw in sound tube adapters which connect the tips to a BTE aid