Etymotic Music PRO Electronic Musicians Earplugs
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Etymotic Music PRO Electronic Musicians Earplugs

Product Code: ER125-MP915


  • High-fidelity electronic earplugs designed for musicians who want to hear naturally but need protection from sudden impact noise and loud, sustained passages
  • Earplugs use Adapative Noise Reduction Music-PRO circuitry which automatically changes output levels as sound input levels change, allowing for natural hearing, while providing active protection as sound levels increase
  • Engineered to provide full fidelity for inputs up to 120 dB
  • NRR 25
  • 9- or 15-dB protection depending on mode
  • Flexible neck cord to prevent loss
  • Ready-fit; custom molds not required
  • 2 Modes of Operation – Natural Hearing & Enhanced Hearing
  • Natural Hearing Mode provides natural hearing until sound exceeds safe levels at which point it automatically switches to 15-dB of protection
  • Enhanced Hearing Mode defaults to 6-dB gain for soft sounds and will provide 9-dB of protection when sound exceeds safe levels
  • Impact sound protection is active in both modes
  • Ideal for directors, music educators, performers, front-of-house crew, entertainment industry staff, security personnel, audiences
  • Rechargeable version available, see item ER125-MP915E
USD $349.94 /EA
MSRP : USD $349.94 /EA
    • EA
  • Quantity Available: 0
  • (1) Pair of MP9-15 earplugs
  • Assortment of ACCU-Fit eartips
  • (1) Neck cord
  • (1) Filter tool
  • (4) ACCU-Filters
  • (1) Cleaning tool
  • (2) Size 10 batteries
  • (1) Protective case
  • (1) User manual