E-Scope II Belt Model Only (no earpieces or headphones)
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E-Scope II Belt Model Only (no earpieces or headphones)

Product Code: 718-7712

  • Re-designed E-Scope II amplified stethoscope belt model only, without traditional stethoscope ear pieces
  • NOTE: requires either headphones or accessory cables (both sold separately) to perform auscultation 
  • Upper portion of stethoscope body contains output jack for connection to different headphones for use with hearing instruments including:
    • traditional, over-the-head headphones (item 718-0405)
    • convertible style headphones (item 718-0415)
    • oversized headphones (item 718-0408)
  • "Sounds Out" jack located on the body of the E-Scope enables stethoscope reconfiguration for use with hearing instrument streamer via patch cord* (item 711-7129, sold separately).  See Amplified Stethoscopes & Streamers section for more information 
  • "Sounds Out" also offers ability to use with BTE hearing instruments featuring direct audio input via accessory cables (sold separately) including:
    • monaural DAI cable to directly connect E-Scope to one BTE (item 711-7123)
    • binaural DAI cable to directly connect E-Scope to two BTEs (item 711-7125)
  • Provides up to 40 dB of gain with 130 dB SPL maximum output
  • Selector switch for heart and lung sounds
  • Runs for 4 months on standard AAA battery (included in packaging and pre-installed in body of E-Scope);
  • Auto-shut off after 90 seconds
  • One-year warranty
  • Scroll down to SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS tab and click LEARN MORE to read up on hearing instrument programming considerations
*Note: this configuration will also require use of standard audio-in-cable packaged with user's hearing instrument streamer

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USD $375.00 /EA
    • EA
  • Quantity Available: 5
  • (1) E-Scope II Belt Model 
  • Monaural DAI cable, item# 711-7123
  • Binaural DAI cable, item# 711-7125
  • Patch cord for cochlear implants and hearing aid streamer connection, item# 711-7129
  • Traditional headphones, item# 718-0405
  • Convertible headphones, item# 718-0415
  • Large, oversize headphones, item# 718-0408