Power One ACCU Plus Battery Charger for 13, 312, and 10 batteries
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Power One ACCU Plus Battery Charger for 13, 312, and 10 batteries

Product Code: 52075

  • Charger for Power One ACCU Plus (batteries not included)
  • Rechargeable batteries sizes 13  or 312 can be charged by selecting the appropriate battery compartment insert
  • Inserts are included with the charger
  • Pocket charger is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and requires no electrical outlet
  • Empty cells can be recharged in only 2.5 hours, depending on their type
  • A safety function, the refreshing protection, first discharges partly charged batteries to prolong their service life
  • A charged lithium polymer battery can charge a Power One ACCU Plus battery 18 times before the lithium polymer battery needs to be recharged
  •  Reese’s Law passed on August 16, 2022 requiring child resistant packaging for all button cell batteries
  • 100% Child Resistant Packaging – Packs are senior-considerate and can be easily opened in seconds using scissors
USD $112.77 /EA
MSRP : USD $112.77 /EA
    • EA
  • Quantity Available: 2
  • (1) Battery charger 
  • (1) Set of battery compartment cartridges for sizes 13, 312 & 10 (with color coating)
  • (1) Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • (1) USB adapter
  • (1) AC power plug
  • (4) International outlet connectors, including US model (pictured below)